Boards and committees


Are you interested in learning more about the boards and committees of NBank? More information about NBank’s Management Board, Board of Directors and Advisory Board is available here.

Management Board

The Management Board and Board of Directors constitute the central bodies of NBank. The Management Board consists of two members.

Vorstandsvorsitzender Michael Kiesewetter

Chairman of the Board, Michael Kiesewetter

After studying International Business/a diploma in Business Management ("Diplom-Betriebswirt") in Dortmund and Plymouth, Michael Kiesewetter worked in various executive positions at NORD/LB. Initially, he acted as a country head and, from 1999 to 2003, was responsible for NORD/LB's NorthEast Europe business as head of department. From 2003 to 2006, he was a member of the board of DnB NORD Banka in Riga. He was then in charge of the corporate development of NORD/LB until 2010.
Since November 2010, Michael Kiesewetter has been Chairman of the Board at NBank. He is married and has two children.

Member of the Board of Directors Dr. Ulf Meier

Member of the Board Dr. Ulf Meier

The lawyer, who has a doctorate in law, began his career in a law firm specialising in commercial law in Hanover and moved to NORD/LB in 1992. He first worked as an advisor in the legal department and in 1997 became a consultant to the Chairman of the Board. In 1999, he became head of the Compliance department, reporting directly to the Board. In 2000, the bank granted him full power of attorney. Two years later, he was appointed Executive Vice President and additionally assumed responsibility for the legal department. Additionally, he was responsible for Human Resources between 2005 and 2009. Since 2009, Dr. Meier has also held the position of Senior Credit Executive (SCE) in the back office. As part of his responsibilities for investment management, transferred to him in 2012, he has also held a number of mandates on the supervisory and administrative boards of various associate companies of the Bank. Since 2015 he has also been working for NORD/LB in a joint venture that invests in start-ups in FinTech. Since September 2018, Dr. Ulf Meier has been member of the Management Board of NBank. He is married and has two adult children.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of eight members. It supervises the activities of the Management Board of NBank. The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are outlined individually by the NBank Act (Gesetz über die Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen − NBankG) and NBank Regulation (Verordnung über die Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen − NBankVO) of Lower Saxony, which govern the financial institution. The chairman of the Board of Directors is State Secretary Frank Nägele from the Ministry of Economics, Labour and Transport of the State of Lower Saxony.


  • State Secretary Dr. Berend Lindner − Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs Transport and Digitization

First Vice Chairman

  • State Secretary Doris Nordmann − Lower Saxony Ministry of Finance

Second Vice Chairman

  • State Secretary Heiger Scholz − Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality

  • State Secretary Frank Doods − Lower Saxony Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Protection
  • State Secretary Dr. Sabine Johannsen − Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture
  • State Secretary Matthias Wunderling-Weilbier − Lower Saxony Ministry of Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development
  • Christian Löffler − Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen − NBank
  • Kai Staszewski − Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen − NBank

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of 26 members. Members are typically delegated by chambers of commerce and industry, trade associations, special interest groups for social matters, municipal associations, banking associations and housing associations.

Chairman of the Advisory Board is Dr Volker Müller, Managing Director of Unternehmerverbände Niedersachsen e.V.


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